GSoc 2020:Common lab module

hello @Tahira and @mozzy , I am pujithaasre paduchuri pursuing 3rd year in Computer Science at K L University,India.I am intersted in doing this common lab project .I have as of now involvement in the tech stack given.These are where I post my tasks

github id :pujithaasre

code.swecha id:pujithaasre

So,please guide me further.

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its ggod to hear @pujithaasre1
i hope you went thorugh the GSoC 2020: Warm up practices for students

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Hi @pujithaasre1, it’s great to see your interest in this project. Please go through the link which @mozzy mentioned.

sure sir,i am in the process of completing the practices given and looking forward to achive dev1 badge