GSoC 2019 - Second Evaluations & Presentations

Hi all GSoC students,

We hope, all are doing a great job with great contributions to their projects.

GSoC 2019 - Second Evaluations

Please take note that the second round of project evaluations opens next week Monday, July 22 and are DUE before July 26, 18:00 UTC.

Please make sure to read through the section on Evaluations in the GSoC student guide to familiarise yourselves with how these work. To get an idea of the types of questions you’ll need to answer for each evaluation, there’s a list of example questions here:

The evaluations are to be completed on the GSoC site. Hopefully, It will not take more than 10mins of your time.

Importantly, if you do not submit an evaluation within the given timeframe, you will fail and be removed from the program. Similarly, failing an evaluation means you are immediately removed from the GSoC program.

The evaluations are separate to the weekly status reports that we ask you to submit.

Mid Term Project Presentations

In addition to the evaluation on the GSoC site, we require students to record, upload and share a short (3-5 min) video on Talk that describes and demos the project you’re working on. Please post links to your videos as new topics on Talk under the GSoC category, and make sure to tag these with #gsoc2019-midterm and #gsoc2019. The aim of this is to provide a quick overview of the project to share with the OpenMRS community.

The video should not exceed 5 minutes, and would ideally include a walkthrough of the work you’ve already developed and/or are currently developing. It’s fine to set the scene by describing the project’s objectives, milestones, etc. But please make sure to also include a description/demo of the work you’ve done on the project, and what’s left to do in the final stages of the GSoC program.

Submissions will follow the same timeframe as the second evaluation - you are expected to post links to your videos on Talk next week between the 22nd July and 26th July.

We suggest taking a look at some of the last years’ presentations for examples of what’s expected,

Please let me know, if you have any concerns or questions.



Hi all GSoC Students and Mentors,

GSoC Second Evaluations start today and due before July 26, 18:00 UTC .**

Please complete your evaluations in advance to avoid unexpected issues at last time.