GSoC 2019 Patient Search Criteria Module : Final Evaluation

Primary Mentor: Kaweesi Joseph

Secondary Mentor: Herbert Yiga

Student: Rushikesh Chaudhari

Project Link:


One of the tasks of OpenMRS is to store patient details. To retrieve the patient’s details, one can either use a patient’s ID or name. But this is not enough if you have a huge dataset. To solve this, I created new patient search criteria, which help users to search patients with gender, birthdate and range of age. This module gives flexibility to the patient search task.


  • Create PatientSearchCriteria supporting the 2 current ones id/name (Completed)
  • Support search by gender (Completed)
  • Support search by dob (Completed)
  • Add rest interface to interact with the search engine developed above (Completed)
  • Add supported criteria onto the patient search page in reference application ( Completed)

Additional Objectives

  • Support search by a range of age (Completed)
  • Support search by gender and birthdate (Completed)
  • Support search by nameAndGenderAndBirthdate (Completed)
  • Support search by nameAndGenderAndRangeOfAge (Completed)

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Thoughts on GSoC

In the past 12 weeks, I learned lots of about the software development process, java frameworks such as Hibernate and Lucene framework. Also, I understand community bonding is the backbone of open-source technology. The more we talk with the other members, we come to know new things, which can be added or improved in the software. I’m glad to be part of such an organization that helps medical society.