GSoC 2019 - Patient Flag OWA - Sprint #5

Hi @maimoonak and @judeniroshan,

We our starting our 3rd last sprint of GSoC for this project! :smile:

Duration: 1 Week

Start Date: 2/08/2019


  1. Build: Manage Global Flag Properties Component
  2. Build: Search by Flag component
  3. Add: Filter by Flag functionality in Flags Component
  4. Task: Refine State Management
  5. Task: UI Enhancements
  6. Task: Code Refactoring

Currently Claimed:

Link: JIRA Sprint #5 Scrum Board

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This is nice work!!! Keep it up, you got few more weeks left :wink:

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@judeniroshan Thanks! How do you suggest Documentation for an OWA should be taken up? What sort of documentation needs to be submitted? Any formats?

Yes, that’s the most important part. You should create a new wiki page or check if you can use an existing page. Make sure, new changes needs to be documented and all the intended use cases with them.

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Any previous OWA documentation you could point me towards?

First refer the documentation of what OWA is and how do we upload it

Then you can explain what this does for patient flag module (link to module doc etc)

An example is

However, what we need is more of a user manual i.e. how our app is used. Also if possible in a separate documentation explain the current patient flag OWA architecture (for ex we are using redux, how components are organized).

@judeniroshan do you have link a good documentation for OWA.

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@maimoonak @judeniroshan

Sprint #5 has been closed with a 1 Week additional buffer period.

Major Changes in Sprint #5:

Pull Request:

N.B. Title of PR will be modified.

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