GSoC 2019 - OpenMRS Atlas 3.1 - Final Evaluation

Project: OpenMRS Atlas 3.1

Primary Mentor: Burke Mamlin

Backup Mentor: Harsha Kumara

Student: Sai Sandeep Mutyala

Project Link:


As OpenMRS infrastructure moved towards using LDAP, the PHP implementation of Atlas started to break. Efforts on converting Atlas to Node were started in a previous year’s GSoC project, where most of the front-end was setup. The objective of the project is to fix the missing pieces in the Node version of Atlas, and also integrate Atlas with the Atlas module. A lot of new features were also implemented as part of this project.






Here’s my list of contributions to the repository.


Here’s my PR on making the Atlas module work with Atlas.

Weekly Blog Posts


Important Links

Mid-term Presentation

Future Work

  • The interface still uses Bootstrap 3, and could be upgraded.
  • Transferring of marker ownership could be implemented.

Thoughts on GSoC

I had always been curious about contributing to open source, but didn’t get into it until I heard about GSoC. I didn’t know I’d enjoy it so much until I started contributing to OpenMRS around the beginning of March.

My primary mentor @burke has been really responsive and supportive throughout the GSoC period, and made my experience pleasant. Under his guidance, I feel like we managed to do more than what we had set out to do. I also learned a lot about open-source practices, got a bit of experience with CI/CD (Thank you @cintiadr!), etc.

I’d like to thank the OpenMRS community and Google for this opportunity, and for giving me a fun and productive summer. :slight_smile:


This is great work.

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@heliostrike, I’ve really enjoyed working with you this summer. You’ve consistently delivered work ahead of schedule and exceeded expectations! I hope this is just the beginning of your journey with open source coding and you’ll choose to stick around the OpenMRS community! Great job!!! :smile:

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This is great @heliostrike surely you are a head of schedule. Thanks for the good work, I hope you will stick around OpenMRS for more contribution. :fireworks:

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I’m so so happy with this GSoC! It’s really special to have atlas back, and get it delivered well to production.


Me too! I now know git beyond add, push ,and commit. I also learned some node, some server stuff, and the phrase ‘Stack Overflow Oriented Programming’. :slight_smile:


Plus 100! Thank you so much for making this happen, @heliostrike!

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And now it’s time for @heliostrike’s mic drop…