GSOC 2019: Nigeria Telemedicine App

hello @isears , @levine, i am amr samy , i am interested to work on Nigeria Telemedicine App , i have good experience in developing android apps , can you help with the pre-requests things that should I do regarding this project?


Hii @isears @levine , I am Nilesh Pranami of B-Tech 3rd year. I am very interested in Nigeria Telemedicine App idea and I want to work on that. please consider me for this GSoC19. I have much experience in Android Apps Development in Kotlin on open source.

this is my LinkedIn profile, please check it out. Thank you

can you please answer me, i want to submit my proposal and i need some help and here is my GitHub Link

@isears @levine


@amr checkout this topic:

and also this wiki page:

I would recommend you become more familiar with the community before submitting a proposal. But when you’re ready, you can submit a draft on the GSoC dashboard and I or one of the other mentors will review it before final submission.

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should i review the code and find a bug or review is just enough? i chose to review openmrs-contrib-android-client but i don’t know what to do next ? also i don’t understand the meaning of tickets, can you please explain it?

Thank you.

Hello @amr, welcome you in the Community. As Issac said you have to check those pages first: And, as mentioned in the topics you should review PR on Github, solve tickets on JIRA Issues And earn Dev1 stage. Best of luck.

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Hey can someone suggest me ,which color can I chosse for login layout for that app.I started working on it.

Hey @saurav good to see you already started working on it. Regarding login as far as i know ,I dont think a login screen is mentioned in the project requirements. Focus on other screens and also i would suggest buidling a minimilistic and really easy to use UI and rather focus on the functionality instead.