GSoC 2019 Build new UI for attachments module : Final Evaluation

Primary Mentor: Dimitri Renault

Secondary Mentor : Ivange Larry

Student: Stanila Andrei

Project Link:


The task was to build a new front end for attachments module using react. We also used single-spa to build that front end as microfront end app. This UI have to look as the old one and has to have the same features.


  • Create thumbnail component (Completed)
  • Create a gallery component which is a set of thumbnails from a patient (Completed)
  • Write tests for thumbnail component (Completed)
  • Build an upload widget (In progress)
  • Integrate the app with OpenMRS single-spa app ( In progress)

Additional Objectives

  • Support caching for attachments (Completed)
  • Support async requests using redux-saga (Completed)

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Mid-term Presentation

Mid-term Presentation for GSoC 2019

Thoughts on GSoC

At Gsoc I learned many new things related to software development and accumulated front end knowledge without having done much front end before. It was a very beneficial experience and I especially liked knowing that it can help some people.

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