GSoC 2019 — Automation of create-openmrs-owa with React Components — Final Evaluation

Automation of create-openmrs-owa with React Components


This Project is based upon the openmrs-react-components library, which provides Common React components to be used in any owa based on the OpenMRS platform.

The Project involved adding new components and publishing a npm package to generate a Minimal & Example template based on the above components library. (Detailed Objectives mentioned below)


  • New Components

    1. New Form Components (Completed)
    2. Search & Auto-Complete component (Completed)
    3. Drag & Drop Upload Component (Completed)
  • Automation Scripts

    1. To generate a template repository based on openmrs-react-components minimal configuration (Completed)

    2. To generate a template repository which serves as an example of openmrs-react-components (Completed)

  • Extra Credit

    1. Publish as NPM package - Example Package, Minimal Package (Completed)
    2. Integrate Travis CI (Completed)


Talk Threads:

  1. Project Thread
  2. Midterm Demo
  3. Transferring rights of repositories to OpenMRS


  1. Midterm Demo
  1. Final Demo
  1. Detailed Blog

  2. Weekly Blogs

  3. Example Package, Minimal Package

Future Works

So as of now there are 3 ways i think, i can keep contributing to the OpenMRS community.

  1. Maintain & Enhance the work i have done untill now. (Example & Minimal script)
  2. As i have spent ample amount of time with openmrs-react-components library, participating in enhancement of this library would be the next step.
  3. Branch out into new projects where i may be able to contribute.

Thoughts on GSoC

GSoC was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to put it directly. I have learnt numerous new things while working on the requirements of this project.

It turned out to be way different than what i thought GSoC would be. There are many important skills that i learnt through this GSoC which will stay with me life-long, Consistency (working on a single project day-in and day-out) and Time Management (keeping with the deadlines).

I have lost the Open-Source Phobia, i once had and am glad to say that, working with OpenMRS have given me the courage to start contributing to other Open-Source projects, one of which would be apollo-starter-kit.

I intend to be a part of OpenMRS community forever, as i am in this for the long run.

Thank You, OpenMRS and my mentors to have started this New Open-Source chapter of my life.