GSoC 2018 - Student Blogs - Weekly Update

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(Daniel Futerman) #1

To help keep the OpenMRS community up to date on the progress and activities of the GSoC 2018 students, the list of links to students’ weekly blog posts will be shared on this thread each week.

Students, note that you don’t need to post your blog links here, this will be collated from the weekly status reports that you submit (provided they’re submitted on time :wink: ).

Week 1 updates:

(Milan Karunarathne) #2

Hi @danfuterman,

I am sorry, I missed my blogging on the due day. I have completed it by yesterday. My apology for the inconvenience.

Regards, Milan

(Daniel Futerman) #3

Week 2 Updates:

(Daniel Futerman) #4

Thanks to all GSoC students for ensuring your status reports are submitted on time. Keep it up!

Week 3 updates:

(Daniel Futerman) #5

Week 4 updates:

(Daniel Futerman) #6

Week 5 updates:

(Daniel Futerman) #7

Week 6 updates:

(Daniel Futerman) #8

Week 7 updates:

(Daniel Futerman) #9

Week 8 updates:

(Daniel Futerman) #10

Week 9 updates:

(Daniel Kayiwa) #11

Thanks @danfuterman for the update. Did you just forget the “Merge Patient data from Multiple Installations”? @samuel34

(Daniel Futerman) #12

@dkayiwa if it’s not included here, the weekly status report wasn’t submitted on time :wink:

(Samuel Male) #13

I’m soo sorry for the late submission. No excuses to raise :flushed: @dkayiwa

(Prabodh Kotasthane) #14

@danfuterman apologies for not submitting on time. I have submitted it now. :slight_smile:


(Jeyasumangala Rasanayagam) #15

@danfuterman, I am sorry for not submitting the blog on time. Here is my blog of week 9.

(Daniel Futerman) #16

Week 10 updates:

(Daniel Futerman) #17

Week 11 updates:

(Daniel Futerman) #18

Week 12 updates:

(ridmal liyanagamage) #19

@danfuterman Sorry for unable to upload the weekly update on time. These are my week 10 , week 11 and week 12 Updates.

Attachments Module Enhancements

Week 10 -

Week 11 -

Week 12 -

Sorry again for the delay my works.