GSoC 2018 - REMINDER - First Weekly Status Report and Blog Post Due Today

A reminder to all GSoC students that your first weekly status report and blog post are due by end of day today (in your local timezone).

Students are required to submit a weekly status report and blog post throughout the course of the GSoC program.

The status report shouldn’t take long to complete, but it’s important that this is done at the start of each week to help us ensure your project is on track and make sure that everything is going well. Here is the link to the status report form that needs to be completed each week:

This is the first week of GSoC, so we’re sending out a reminder, but this won’t be repeated in the following weeks. If you run into any issues with the form, please reach out on this thread and I’ll work to resolve those soonest.


Thanks to all who submitted their Week 1 status report and blog post update yesterday. There are several students who have not yet submitted theirs - @madushan, @piyush9620, @ridmal, @samuel34 - please make sure to complete this ASAP, and take note:

Completion of the weekly status reports will be considered during evaluations. If we find that status reports are frequently submitted late or not completed at all, this will be means for disqualification from the program. We strongly urge all to set a weekly reminder on your phone or computer to complete this at the start of each week.

It’s the first week of the program so there’s a bit of leeway while everyone settles in, but in future there won’t be a weekly reminder, and it’s up to each student to manage this themselves.

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@danfuterman I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused. I submitted the week 1 report just now. Thanks a lot.

Sorry, @danfuterman. though i completed my work as well as blog on time, It just skipped my mind that we also had to fill this google form. filled it just now and also set a reminder for next time. Thanks for the reminder.