GSoC 2018 - Patient Merge Enhancement

Hi all,

I’m going to work on Patient Merge Enhancement project which is selected to GSoC project in this year. I would like to discuss project objectives, scope, timeline, others technical guidance and ideas on this topic.

@mssavai and @ayeung will be mentored me.

As the first step of the project, I would like to finalize UI mockups.

Hello @milan, do you have some time today to get on a call? We would like to get us on the same page so that you have enough background information as you work on the UI mockups. Thanks!

Thanks, @milan. As discussed, our first call will be this Sunday 6am EDT. We will go through the project objectives and provide clarifications.

Thanks, @mssavai and @ayeung, for your interesting and guidance!

As we discussed, We will work on mUzima core module,

Hi All,

I would like to update my project current state with OpenMRS organization. As the first phase of the project, we have finalized the UI for matching and getting understand about objects of the project.

So I have created demo video about Patient Merge functionalities for the mUzima core. Thanks, @mssavai, @ayeung. For the nice guiding.

We really appreciate valuable feedback from the OpenMRS community.


Is it possible to have audio for this video?

Thanks for Your reply!