GSoC 2018 - OpenMRS selected as mentor organization

Congratulations! OpenMRS has been selected as a Google Summer of Code 2018 mentor organization. Interested students can now begin discussing project ideas, in preparation for the student application period from 12-27 March.

Well done to the community and all those involved in setting up project ideas and preparing a successful application! OpenMRS joins a list of 212 projects and organizations accepted for GSoC 2018.

Next Steps

  • Now that OpenMRS has been accepted to GSoC 2018, there’ll likely be increased activity on Talk, Telegram, IRC and other communication channels as potential students begin to familiarise themselves with OpenMRS, explore project ideas, and take on introductory tasks.

  • OpenMRS is still looking for primary and backup mentors for some of the proposed project ideas. If you’re able to volunteer your time this year as a primary or backup mentor for one of these projects, please comment below, or fill in your name in the mentor column(s) next to the project idea on the wiki page.

  • If you’re already assigned as a mentor for a project, please take the time to review your project wiki page to make sure there are a clear set of objectives, and update it with any new details.

And a reminder of mentor expectations at this stage of the program, along with the next steps in the GSoC 2018 timeline:

Mentor Expectations (Before student selection)

  • Commit to spending a minimum of 4 hours each week to be available to guide and mentor students (not just your assigned student).
  • Commit to being present in IRC and/or Telegram to help answer questions as much as your schedule allows, at a minimum of 4 hours each week.
  • Prepare a good overview of your project idea(s) and have them linked to this wiki page.
  • Watch OpenMRS Talk for questions about your project idea(s).
  • Review student proposals and work with other mentors and organization admins to select the best candidates for OpenMRS.
  • Treat returning students who have applied with as much (or more!) scrutiny than first-time students.


  • 12-27 March: Student Application Period
  • 14 May - 6 August: Coding
  • 11-15 June: Mentors and students submit Phase I evaluations
  • 9-13 July: Mentors and students submit Phase II evaluations
  • 6 August: “Pencils down” date
  • 14-21 August: Mentors final evaluations

For more information on project timelines and expectations for primary and backup mentors, please check the OpenMRS GSoC 2018 wiki page or the GSoC Mentor Guide.


Very useful resources! Thanks @danfuterman and @r0bby :slight_smile:

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