GSoC 2018 - Final Reminder - Proposals Due Tomorrow

A final reminder to GSoC students:

Final proposals must be submitted in PDF format on the GSoC site by March 27 16:00 UTC.

Late submissions cannot be accepted.

Please take note of this important point from the GSoC student guide:

Before the application period closes you must submit a Final PDF Proposal - this must be done for your proposal to be considered for the GSoC program. If you only submit a draft and fail to submit the Final PDF Proposal the organizations will not be able to see your proposal and therefore will not be able to accept you - it is an automatic reject from the system.

Students can submit up to three proposals for different projects. If there is more than one project that sparks your interest, consider putting proposals together for a few different projects to increase your chances of being selected. The list of GSoC projects can be reviewed here. When you submit proposals you’re able to specify which project you’re most interested in.


Aaaaannnnd… that’s it.

The application period has now closed. Thanks to all the students that submitted final proposals, we’ll be reviewing these in the coming weeks.