GSoC 2018 - Coding Period Starts Today

To all GSoC students and mentors, please take note that the GSoC coding period begins today.

We wish all students the best on their projects, and look forward to seeing the results of your hard work and contributions!

There are three sets of evaluations that will be completed through the course of the program:

  • June 11-15 - First Evaluations
  • July 9-13 - Second Evaluations
  • August 6-14 - Students Submit Code and Evaluations
  • August 14-21 - Mentors Submit Final Evaluations

In addition to this, students are expected to submit a weekly status report and blog post. The status report shouldn’t take long to complete, but it’s important that this is done at the start of each week to help us ensure your project is on track and check that everything is going well. The first status report is due next week Monday, 21st May, by EOD in your local timezone. This has been set up as a Google form:

Please take note: completion of the weekly status reports will be considered during evaluations. If we find that status reports are frequently submitted late or not completed at all, this could be means for disqualification from the program. We suggest setting a weekly reminder on your phone or computer to remember to complete this each week.

We suggest that students try to attend the daily scrum meetings on IRC. This is a good opportunity to get into the habit of tracking your daily contributions and making sure you’re up to date on your project work. It’s also a good way to share any blockers that you’re facing and receive community support. Another suggestion to help you organize, manage and track progress on your project is to set up a simple Trello board (or using another project management tool) with project milestones/activities and a few columns such as TODO, IN PROGRESS, and DONE.


If you’d like to attend the daily scrum meetings on IRC, please let @jwnasambu know your intention to attend these, she currently leads the OpenMRS scrum process.

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hi @danfuterman,

Thank you for your good explanation of the things we need to do as a student to keep us on track throughout the period. And also I would like to point out that you have mistakenly put the wrong month, I think it should be 21st of May :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @danfuterman for the information regarding GSoC 2018.

Anyone interested to participate in the daily scrum meeting through the IRC, please feel free to contact @jwnasambu or you can simply participate after the scrum orders.

PS : If you have telegram app, please join to the OpenMRS Chat, and use that for the scrum meeting also. OpenMRS IRC and telegram chat is connected with each other.

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The new members can read through this link

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Thanks for picking up on that @csmuthukuda, I’ve updated the post with the correct date :slight_smile:

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