GSoC 2018 - Call for mentors

With GSoC 2018 kicking off soon, OpenMRS is looking to fill the following primary and backup mentor positions for this year’s GSoC projects:

Participating in GSoC can be a rewarding experience for both students and mentors alike. If you’re willing to sign up as a mentor to fill one (or more) of these spots, please comment below.

For more information on project timelines and expectations for primary and backup mentors, please check the OpenMRS GSoC 2018 wiki page or the GSoC Mentor Guide.


  • 12-27 March: Student Application Period
  • 14 May - 6 August: Coding
  • 11-15 June: Mentors and students submit Phase I evaluations
  • 9-13 July: Mentors and students submit Phase II evaluations
  • 6 August: “Pencils down” date
  • 14-21 August: Mentors final evaluations

cc/ @emekaaliu @wyclif @maurya @sunveer50732 @avijitghosh82 @larslemos @maany @eudson @sara @carina @akshika47 @sgrannis @mseaton @bholagabbar @ssmusoke @k.joseph - having mentored GSoC in previous years, any interest/availability in filling one (or more) of these mentor spots for GSoC 218?

Assalamu alaekum @maimoonak @omarahmed1 @tahira @rabbia.hassan @nvd @ahmed14, I believe some of you are already working on some module development. Wondering if you guys would be interested in mentoring in OpenMRS.


I’ll be a bit busy this Summer, but I’m willing to be a backup mentor for the Android Project. @shivtej @defcon any of you being primary mentor this year?

No problem, I’ll be the primary mentor this year.

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Perfect! Do edit the document on both of our behalf, you already know my email ID for the official registration purposes.

Tagging @harsha89 (as per the discussion we had on chat)


I am interested in working as backup mentor.

Hi @ahmed14, thanks for volunteering! There are still open spaces on the following projects, if you’d like to choose one:



i think Attachments Module Enhancements is a good option.

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Hello i may consider working as a backup Mentor ffor * OAuth module enhancements and SMART apps support - backup mentor this year though may currently having rush hours with the project at PATH

Hi @emekaaliu, This thread used for GSoC 2018. Still we haven’t any announcement for mentor recruiting to GSoC 2019 - OpenMRS.

Please keep watching for the announcement :grin: