GSoC 2017 Students applications period openned

If you are one of our prospective GSoC interns this year, i hope you are aware that submission of proposals through is now open and so you should by now have glanced through and investigated around the projects we listed at: and discussed with our mentors for any extra information or clarifications that you needed.

It’s now your time to submit well polished proposal(s) towards those project(s) of your interest, you could look around talk and our wiki for previous proposals written by our previous interns on how to write good proposals. You could begin with:

Please remember to keep actively contributing; submitting Pull requests etc.

Best wishes


We are encouraging the use of Google Docs for proposals as this will allow us to comment directly on the proposal (if the student sets their sharing settings correctly). Students must submit their final proposal as a PDF through the website before the deadline (April 3 16:00 UTC).

To submit your proposal visit:

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Sample proposals at: and Remember to include graphical illustrations

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