GSoC 2017 student introductions

Congratulations and welcome to our selected students for Google Summer of Code 2017!

Students, please introduce yourself in this thread. Specifically, let’s hear the following:

  1. Where are you from?
  2. How far along are you in your education? Where are you currently enrolled?
  3. Who’s your mentor and what is your project? What’s your project about in a sentence or two?
  4. What’s your IRC nickname?
  5. What is interesting about OpenMRS to you?
  6. Tell us one (or more) interesting or fun fact about yourself!

Hi everyone!

  1. I am Suthagar from Sri Lanka.

  2. I am pursuing Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering (3rd-year undergraduate) at the University of Moratuwa.

  3. This summer, I am going to work under the guidance of @dkayiwa for the project “More Metadata Management in AdminUI” The goal of this project is to ensure that one can comfortably run the reference application without requiring the Legacy UI module for metadata management. We want to implement those modules as Open Web Apps(OWA).

  4. My IRC nickname: suthagar23

  5. OpenMRS is the world identified electronic medical record system and It is an open source project contains the headlines as “Write Code, Save Lives”. I really like this project domain and would like to be a part of OpenMRS. It gave me a chance through Google Summer of Code. It believes me that I will make it better. So I love OpenMRS and excited to contribute for OpenMRS.

  6. I have a lot of dreams and working to achieve my unreachable targets.:grinning: My brain partner Google and I are working together to achieve more in the world. You can reach me through my portfolio :slight_smile:. I am a good UX/UI designer. Apart from that, I am blogger and entrepreneur also.
    Recently, I have written a blog post about my journey to OpenMRS through GSoC. I like swimming, Music, and Photography. I am in a relationship with StackOverflow also :laughing:.

Looking forward to contribute to the project in best of my capacity :slight_smile:

Best Regards, Suthagar


Hello all,

My name is Chanuka Wijayakoon.

  1. I’m from Colombo, Sri Lanka. It’s the commercial capital in our country.

  2. Currently I’m in the 3rd year studying Computer Science & Engineering. I’m enrolled at the University of Moratuwa.

  3. My project is to do workflow enhancements to the Operation Theater module. First task is to migrate it to the latest platform. Next would be the enhancements. My mentor is @akshika47.

  4. I’ll be using @merovingienne as my IRC nickname.

  5. I find the fields that OpenMRS combines interesting. I’ve had quite a bit of exposure to medical sciences which I like, and I’m a passionate coder. That’s what brought me here. Apart from that, the open source nature attracts me. It’s thrilling to see people all around the world working together to make the world a better place.

  6. I like singing. And I have a special interest in learning languages. Right now I’m learning German. I’m an infoholic - curiosity keeps me perusing through the net. I occasionally write, you can read my musings at my blog.

Glad to have joined one of the most useful open source projects on the planet. Looking forward to a great summer of coding with y’all :slight_smile:


Hello World!

My name is Jude Niroshan. I’m from Sri Lanka.

How far along are you in your education? Where are you currently enrolled?

I’m reading for my Bachelors of Information Technology specialized in Software Engineering at Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology(SLIIT). Currently I’m a 4th year student.

Who’s your mentor and what is your project? What’s your project about in a sentence or two?

My project is Built-in reports for reference application. I work under the guidance of Rafal Korytkowski(@raff). Project is intended to create some new built-in reports in reference application module and expose it with an OWA application.

What’s your IRC2 nickname?

My IRC name is @jude

What is interesting about OpenMRS to you?

The whole purpose of OpenMRS was fasinating to me. OpenMRS is built upon with great humanity values. I always wanted to help the people and make this world a better place. OpenMRS let me to do it with great pleasure. Write code, save lives. :openmrs:

Tell us one (or more) interesting or fun fact about yourself!

I was in high school western band. I can play concert flute, saxophone and drums. Basically I love music. :musical_score: I enjoy learning new things and exploring the world. I used to spend my leisure time on StackOverflow, CodeRanch.

I’m so excited to be part of 2017 GSoC program with OpenMRS. I look forward to deliver my best to the community and wish OpenMRS a great success in coming future! :smiley:


Hi I’m Gayan Weerakutti and I’m from Sri Lanka.

How far along are you in your education? Where are you currently enrolled?

I’m now in the 4th year first SEM studying Computing and Infomation Systems in Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka.

Who’s your mentor and what is your project? What’s your project about in a sentence or two?

I’ll be working on the project Improved REST API Documentation Project with my mentor @Shreyans Sheth and my backup mentor @Pascal Brandt. The focus of this project is to improve living documentation of the REST API, improving how its swagger specification is generated and making it more useful and interactive to the developers and the users.

What’s your IRC2 nickname?

My irc nickname is @gayanw

What is interesting about OpenMRS to you?

By far the most interesting thing to me is the community. It’s friendly, organized and welcoming!

Tell us one (or more) interesting or fun fact about yourself!

I use netinstall Debian without a file manager. I use w3m on XTerm to browse internet and Emacs to read my emails. I code in Java but don’t use an IDE. Just kidding :grinning:


Hi everyone :smile:

  1. I’m Jai Tatia from Goa, India.

2)Currently I’m a a Computer Science and Engineering Sophomore studying at the Indian Institute Of Technology Patna.

  1. I will be working on the Generic Tagging Mechanism Project under the mentorship of @wyclif The aim of this project is to provide an interface that allows users to annotate domain objects with simple text labels/tags for better management.

4)My IRC handle is jtatia.

5)The systematic management, and the fields involved in OpenMRS development makes it interesting. It’s noble mission to save lives makes it more enticing to contribute towards to. I have been in OpenMRS since December and I doubt you will find a more friendly opensource community.:openmrs:

  1. I love exploring and learning new things. I have danced on stage quite a few times (still a horrible dancer :stuck_out_tongue: ), performed in a band :guitar:, done sports and public speaking. I feel best when coding while listening to music. :headphones: The feeling is heavenly :relaxed:. Apart from music i love reading novels :notebook_with_decorative_cover: and playing sports :soccer::badminton::cricket:. Looking forward to working with all of you :smiley:

Hi everyone!

I’m Shivang Nagaria, from Hyderabad, India. I’ve just finished my third year, currently studying in International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering.

I’ll be working to improve Data Integrity Module under guidance of Stephen (@ssmusoke) . The objective of the project is to validate the data entered in OpenMRS as there are many invalidations which can’t be checked during submission.

My Telegram nickname is shivtej1505 and shivtej on IRC.

The spirit of the OpenMRS community which want to make the world a healtier and better place - this is the primary reason for my interest in OpenMRS.

I had launched couple of startups last year, failed badly. Learned invaluable lessons. Apart from that, I enjoy organizing events and reading novels.

Glad to be the part of the GSoC, I will deliver a great project by the end of the program. I also want to wish good luck to my fellow GSoC participants.

Thanks, Shivang Nagaria


Hello everyone,

I am Sanatt Abrol, from Jammu, India. I am 19 years old and currently in my second year, studying Computer Science at Birla Institute Of Technology, Mesra.

My project is FHIR OAuth Smart Apps Integration and OAuth Module Enhancements. Mayank Sharma (@maany) is my mentor. The main goal of the project is to make sure that the current module works with the latest OpenMRS 2.x Release. Also, we’ll try to make a SMART Application which can give the community a use case of the module.

My IRC nick is @mavrk.

The thing which interests me about OpenMRS the most is the direct impact it has over peoples lives. Every single bug we solve or every single feature we introduce will help someone out there. Knowing this brings out extra motivation in you. I am really glad that I’ve been given this opportunity to work for this community.

Apart from development I am an ethical hacker (more of a security enthusiast). I love playing football, dramatics and public speaking. I spend my free time playing video games and listening to music. Apart from all this, I love adventure sports and I am a big foodie.


Hey everyone,

  • I am Reuben from India.

  • I’m currently doing my Btech in CSE from VIT University

  • I am going to be working on Add ons Index enhancements project which is basically about adding features to the app and also help replace modulus with addons. Darius is my mentor for this project ( he’s also the project lead)

  • reubenv is my handle on both IRC as well as telegram and talk

  • Apart from the fact that OpenMRS helps making the world a better place by improving the facilities available in the field of medicine, I am also intrigued by the organised manner with which this community goes about it’s daily activities.

  • In my spare time, I love going out and I also love listening to music and playing badminton :badminton: .

Looking forward to an amazing summer with @OpenMRS !


Hello everyone !!

  • I am Ankit Kumar from New Delhi, India

  • Currently I am pursuing my Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Computer Science from Delhi Technical Campus, Indraprastha University, Delhi. I am in the 3rd year (6th semester) of this undergraduate course.

  • As a part of GSoC, I am going to work on the project “OWA Generator Improvement” under the guidance of @pascal as my mentor. The main aim of this project is the improvement of the OWA Generator tool (which uses Yeoman to scaffold an OpenMRS open webapp) so that it would be easy for a novice developer (having some knowledge of javascript) to build a web app over the OpenMRS platform.

  • My IRC nickname is “ankit”

  • I always wanted to work for the social cause. And the first thing which caught my eye while choosing this organisation was its tagline i.e “Write Codes, Save Lives”. There couldn’t be any work better than saving lives which gives you a self satisfaction.

  • I am a fun loving guy who enjoys having party with friends. I love travelling and exploring different places. My hobbies are playing cricket, chess, listening to music and sketching (sometimes) :slight_smile:

Will be having a great summer with OpenMRS !!


Hello, everyone

  1. I am Xu Hao, from Beijing, China.
  2. Currently I’m in the first year of pursuing my master of Computer Science & Technology from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China.
  3. I am going to work on the project Open Concept Lab enhancements under the guidance of my mentor @paynejd and backup mentor @ball . The goal of this project is to make UI enhancements to OCL to make it easier for OpenMRS implementations to use it to create and share content.
  4. hao555sky is my IRC nickname as well as telegram and talk.
  5. OpenMRS is interesting as it has a interesting community that everyone works hard to pursue a same goal. People in here are accommodating and gracious. And the sentence Write Code, Save Lives touches me, so I want to be a part of our community.
  6. I like playing pingpong and I think I have a good pingpong skill,haha. I love reading books to feel various people’s thoughts and traveling to experience various life.

Looking forward to work with our community and wish a great summer.


Hello everyone,

  1. I am Choxmi Sathsara from Sri Lanka.

  2. I am following Bachelor of Science in Management and Information Technology at University of Kelaniya.

  3. My project is DHISReport Reporting Enhancements and the goal of this project is to improve the existing functionality of the current module to make it more implementer friendly.

  4. My IRC nickname: choxmi

  5. I am passionate in serving the community and thus the motto ’ Write Code, Save Lives ’ inspired me. The community is also very friendly.

  6. I am so fond of doing hiking and adventures. I’m very good at singing and dancing, but only in my dreams. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to work at OpenMRS, in order to contribute to the betterment of the society. :+1:


Hello Everyone,

I am Lahiru Jayathilake

  1. I am from Sri Lanka
  2. I am a 3rd year computer science engineering undergraduate at the University of Moratuwa.
  3. In this summer I will be working on Patient Management 2.0 Project. Primary object is to refactor this module to perform incremental patient matching. My mentor is @burke.
  4. I will be using lahiruj as my IRC nickname.
  5. I love writing codes but in OpenMRS I can save lives writing codes. :slight_smile: This is one of the best satisfactions where I can get from the amazing OpenMRS. Not only that people who contribute to this project are very friendly I really love that.
  6. I like singing​:microphone: (like Hindi songs very much :smile: ). I am keen to learn more about new technologies and most importantly try to use them in a real product which would make people’s lives better.

Looking forward to a great summer of working with you all.


Hello everyone,

I’m Nipun Thathsara from Sri Lanka. Currently studying at University of Moratuwa (IT). I’ll be working on Anonymous Patient registration Project which is mentored by @sara. Our main objective is to move the anonymous patient registration functionality from the modules(which it is currently implemented in) to the OpenMRS platform. Telegram - Nipun Thathsara Why am i interested in OpenMRS? Passionate about opensource and have previous experience with OpenMRS as well. Plus, AeroSpaceResearch would hardly save any lives. :wink: Apart from staring at this 15.6" laptop screen, i enjoy camping/hiking and interested in automobiles.



Hello Everyone,

  1. I’m Kwateng Ofori from Ghana and studying in Australia.

  2. I’m a final year undergraduate of University Of Canberra.

  3. This summer I’m going to work with @harsha89 for the project FHIR Module Enhancements. The purpose of this project is to expand the capabilities and functions of the OpenMRS FHIR module.

  4. IRC nickname is kwateng

  5. I found OpenMRS when I read about open source projects used in my mother country Ghana. My coding will help to save people lives. That’s why I like OpenMRS.

  6. I love climbing mountains during my free time and play football with friends

Expecting have a great summer with OpenMRS


Hello Everyone !

  1. I am Ayush Goyal from India.
  2. I am in my third year, studying in Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur , pursuing B.Tech in Agricultural and Food Engineering.
  3. My mentor is @avijitghosh82 and I will be working on Android Client.I will focus on bringing feature parity with the web client and making the client more useful for actual implementations. This includes various UI improvements and adding proper analytics tools to keep track of the user.
  4. My IRC nick is defcon007.
  5. The moto of OpenMRS Write code, save lives caught my eye. By contributing to the OpenMRS I will helping a lot of people and making world a better place.
  6. I just started reading books.I read about the life history Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs. I am an Atheist.