GSoC 2017 Project Brainstorming

Hi All,

Please try drafting your project proposals by today as we have two days left for organization application submission.

Once you draft it please share the project link here

Thanks, Harsha

@dkayiwa, that could be worthwhile yes. Though any investments in the legacy UI are tricky. Perhaps this could be done but in a way that paves the way for a better approach, eg. in an OWA. I’m not sure I can commit to mentoring this year, but I could likely be a backup mentor on any project that involves the reporting module.


I can be a mentor for the Android Client Project (along with @raff / @adamg / @tmarzeion if any of them are free to mentor) . There are a couple of feature requests that are slightly detailed and could not be implemented last year.

I’ve made a wiki page for the same:


@mseaton, @mogoodrich, could you please point me to some places in code where I could see how you handle it in Mirebalais? I’d like to create a project page.

I don’t think there’s any custom PIH support for this. We use what is provided by the registration app. A good starting point for looking at it in registration work be here:

Once you register an unknown patient, coreapps adds somethign to the header to allow you to merge it with an existing patient:

Hope that helps!

Take care, Mark

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@raff, @wyclif made a page for this today, but if you can flesh it out a bit during your morning that would be great!

One more detail about this: the feature is actually turned on by default in the reference application (as of 2.5), so you can see what Mark is describing in the UI on, but it’s broken so you can’t complete the workflow of creating a patient.

I think the reason is:

  • the intended workflow (from Mirebalais) is that when you create an anonymous patient, the system generates a throwaway ID from a different idgen identifier source and does not generate a standard primary identifier.
  • refapp isn’t configured with that temporary identifier source, so it’s trying to register an anonymous patient with no identifiers at all (which fails validation)

fwiw, I believe we are generating “real” identifiers at Mirebalais, even for anonymous patients, but I could be wrong about that.

Also, I see I was added as the “project champion”. I’m definitely willing to add in my expertise and answer questions, but champion might be a big of strong word… :slight_smile:

Take care, Mark

Hello OpenMRS Team!

I have some open time this summer and I can volunteer to mentor Anonymous Patient Registration module.

Regards, Sara


Can you draft the project proposal ASAP? we need to put in the ideas list. Rough draft would be enough.

Ok, I see a wiki page currently for the project with an abstract. By project proposal do you mean an implementation plan? What pointers/details is the project proposal expected to include?

Hi All,

Can you draft your project proposals ASAP? Only rough draft would be fine. Because we need to put in the org application which need to be submit Thursday

Thanks, Harsha

@sara I need similar information as in So we can display it as a potential project for GSoC. Draft project page would be fine for now.

@harsha89 Got it. I can update the project wiki with those details.

Great please share the link for the project

@sara, @harsha89, Wyclif wrote a draft project page earlier today with minor edits from me. It’s at @sara I just put you as the primary mentor; feel free to improve the page!

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Awesome! I will update the wiki page summarizing the discussions here and inputs from my end.

I hope this is useful even if I missed your deadline:

I will help on moving forward with the Human Genetics Module. Specially working on the image upload feature which is required by other modules as well.

Project page is here :±+Phase+II I am currently updating and I will put another comment when I finish updating

Thank you all for putting great effort on getting the project ideas to the GSoC ideas page. We currently have 14 projects and expecting more projects from the mentors. It’s totally fine to suggest more than one project from single mentor. Thank you again for your corporation and effort on getting this done. Please post more projects here as we need to put all the projects before students begin to submit the applications. :slight_smile:

When is that?