GSoC 2017 - FHIR Module Enhancements | Final presentation

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Primary Mentor : Harsha Kumara / @harsha89 Backup Mentor: Daniel Kayiwa / @dkayiwa Student: Kwateng Ofori / @kwateng Project Wiki:


  • Upgrading HAPI FHIR Library(COMPLETED)
  • Upgrading DSTU2 resources to DSTU3(COMPLETED)
  • Swagger document generation improvements after library upgrade(COMPLETED)
  • Integrate swagger code generator which allows users to generate SDK(MOVED)
  • Research on new FHIR resources which can support for OpenMRS(COMPLETED)
  • Implement GET, PUT, POST, DELETE operations for new resources(COMPLETED)
  • Improve the test coverage(COMPLETED)

Due to the major version upgrade, it took time than expected. My mentor suggested not to do the SDK generation during this summer of code. During this summer of code, I have upgraded HAPI FHIR library to the latest version. Then migrated all DSTU2 resources to DSTU3. Fixed all the issues arose after version upgrade in multiple places including swagger document generation. Added FHIR MedicationRequest resource to the FHIR module which represents OpenMRS DrugOrder.


Documentation for the MedicationRequest has added

Project Documentation

Code Contributions and JIRA issues

  1. [FM-199] DSTU3 Upgrade for FHIR library Issue: Pull request : Pull request merge :

  2. [FM-200] Add create, search and get MedicationRequest implementation Issue: Pull request : Pull request merge :

  3. [FM-201] Update a medication request Issue: Pull request : Pull request merge :

Issues Created

  1. [FM-194] ResourceNotFoundException exception does not take Encounter class extend from Resource class as argument in STU3 migration Issue:

  2. [FM-195] Condition.Status unmapped Issue:

  3. [FM-196] No attachment in ImageStudy Issue:

  4. [FM-197] Obs with setEncounter removed STU3 Issue:

  5. [FM-198] Migrating to STU3 encounter.setIndication(indications); not found Issue:

Project Discussions



Get Medication Request Resource By Id

Create Medication Request

Created Medication Request Representation

Mid Term Video


It’s a good experience to work with OpenMRS. My mentor helped me a lot when I faced difficult situations. Community members are very helpful. Thank you for giving this valuable opportunity.

Suggestions to improve the program

The program is well arranged. It would be nice to have a session(Google Hangout) online with the participation of all students and mentors.

Thank you very much for my mentor @harsha89 and all the community members.


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Thank you for your contributions @kwateng :). Keep up your good work.

@harsha89 @kwateng Hi, I am interested in contributing to FHIR module at GSOC-2018, Feel free to give me some tips to get started. Thanks

@madushan my common advice to all students is that, checkout the code go through it, install the module play it with bit and if you found any code level issue you can create a JIRA and submit a pull request. :slight_smile:.


@harsha89 I am currently working on FM-171. I will try for a PR. Thanks for the tips.

@harsha89 Shall I go on and create a new thread dedicated for FHIR Module GSOC 2018 to make it easier for potential contributors?