GSoC 2017 - Anonymous Patient Registration Project

Hi everyone, Starting this thread to discuss on GSoC project - Anonymous Patient Registration :grinning:

My question is, in the project’s Abstract it says, "Currently the feature to register an anonymous patient is turned on by default in the reference application (see resources section for pointers on this). However this path is broken and hence one cannot complete the workflow to register an unidentified patient" But I have setup OpenMRS Reference application locally and the anonymous patient registration seems to be working fine (registration, starting and ending a visit is working fine). What am i missing here or doing wrong? and from where can i read further on the project idea.

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Hi Nipun,

Welcome to OpenMRS! It’s great to know you are interested in the project.

Well, to answer your question, this issue surprisingly seems to be working currently.

@darius @raff When attempting to create an unidentified patient, the system does create one successfully with a temporary identifier, and no longer throws an error. Are you aware of any update on this issue?



@nipun The wiki page that you referred to consists all the info that you need regarding the project unless ofcourse you have any specific doubts which can be discussed. Although the anonymous registration does work. The other part of the project is to also make this functionality a part of OpenMRS-core and hence this is still does need attention .Am I right @sara?

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@sara @reubenv Thanks for the clarification. In that case, project is left with the goal of adding ‘anonymous patient registration’ feature (which is currently depending on the CoreApps module and Registration app module) to the Openmrs-core, right?

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Sorry, I was on vacation, so I couldn’t reply earlier.

I just tried to register an anonymous patient on the demo server (it worked), and then to merge the unknown record into a known patient, which ends up showing me a stack trace here. I don’t know if that’s the bug that the wiki page talks about, or if this is something else broken in the patient record I just happened to choose. @nipun were you able to merge the anonymous patient into a known one (using the prominent button in the header of the unknown patient)?

I have already tried merging patients locally and it works fine. But the project description says the issue is with the registration of an anonymous patient. Which @sara and myself both tested and worked fine. Now only i came across a problem of merging that you mentioned.

When we wrote the project description, we tested out the existing functionality and it didn’t work for us. It’s good if this is actually working, but it’s worth testing it out more times to see if it’s a sporadic error.

In any case, the bulk of the GSoC project can focus on getting support for Anonymous Patients moved into openmrs-core.

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Hello everyone,

Got selected for GSoC 2017 for this particular project. looking forward to complete successfully with your support. Thanks everyone for all the help this far :slight_smile:

Found this ticket, which i think to be the first implementation of unknown patient registration functionality. but looking at the code, it seems the code has been moved elsewhere. :frowning:

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Hi everyone,

Please follow the link to find my Mid evaluation Presentation and Video.

Do let me know your ideas :slight_smile:

@sara @harsha89 #gsoc2017-midterm

@nipun Can you please create a sepearate thread and post it as other students done?