GSoC 2017 - Anonymous Patient Registration - Final Presentation

Anonymous Patient Registration Project

Project wiki: Mentor: Sara Fatima Student: NipunThathsara


Openmrs already supports registration of Unknown patients. Even though this feature is a key component that should be available in platform , it was not implemented in the platform at the first place. Main objective of this project is to move the feature to the platform.


  1. Find out required modules for this function to work - RegistrationApp module, RegistrationCore Module (DONE)
  2. Make this work out of the box in the reference application - Feature has tested multiple times in different conditions,Works fine out of the box with the reference application. Mentor and community verified the result (DONE)
  3. Find out the path to have the feature in the platform - Logic that is specific for Unknown patient registration has been written in the RegistrationApp module. This logic has to be moved to the platform. And should resolve dependency issues that might occur(DONE)
  4. Implement the solution (DONE)


Committed to three repositories

  1. Openmrs-core - github Commits i. ii. iii.
  2. RegistrationApp module - github Commits i. ii.
  3. RegistrationCore module - github Commits i. ii.


Descriptive documentation on this project including, i. Code samples ii. Previous implementation iii. Instructions on running the project Can be found in this document.

Project demonstrations Mid evaluation : Final evaluation:

GSoC with Openmrs

This was not the first time i’m contributing to the Openmrs. From the start i’ve noticed that the community is being very welcome and extremely helpful on new comers. Even the simplest questions will be answered without any hesitations on the forums. This quality encourages developers to contribute to this project more and more. Good exposure to open source world with a well organized and well established community. Will continue to contribute to Openmrs even after the GSoC and do recommend to select Openmrs as your GSoC organization and as your daily dose of Open source . :slight_smile:

What can be improved Since the project has grown exponentially, it might be hard to a new comer to get an idea within few minutes of reading. Therefore documentation can definitely be improved with some quality video tutorials.

It’s been a nice summer with Openmrs.


Thank you for your contributions @nipun :). Keep up your good work.

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Thanks for all the support :slight_smile: i will keep contributing!