GSoC 2015: Week 7 Updates πŸ“†

Hello students. Congratulations on your progress beyond the midterm evaluations! We know you have been working hard on your projects and the community was very impressed with your midterm presentations. Here are a few items to keep in mind as you enter the second half of GSoC 2015.

17 August is your target date

As you continue working on your projects, remember that you should be planning to be finished with your coding work no later than Monday 17 August. This leaves you with the rest of that week (Friday 21 August at 19:00 UTC) to tidy up your documentation and tests, as well as to prepare a final project presentation video (just like what you did at midterm). Your mentors will submit their final evaluations starting Friday 21 August at 19:00 UTC.

Remember to document your work

Those last few days will be easier if you do your best to document your work as you go. Talk to you mentor about what kind of documentation your project needs. It may be documentation for end users, or for other developers who will use and build on your code. No matter what type of documentation it is, the sooner you get started, the easier things will be for you at the end of GSoC. Your mentor can help you optimize documentation for your summer project.

We miss you on IRC!

Please make an effort to drop in IRC from Monday-Friday and update the rest of the students and contributors about how your project is going. You can talk to the Scrum Master (currently @wyclif) just before the scrum meeting, or after it, to get added to the daily list of participants. More information about joining the daily scrum updates is here:

Commit your code every day

Finally, please remember to commit your daily code work to GitHub each and every day that you’re working. This helps your mentor to track your work and identify any potential problems before they get too big or too far along. And you never know when a hard drive might fail … having your up-to-date code on GitHub is a great backup strategy!

Keep up the good work! We’ll keep following your comments in your weekly feedback forms, and also continue listening here and on IRC. Enjoy the second half of GSoC 2015!

@michael & @surangak