GSoC 2015: Week 4 Updates 📆

Greetings GSoC students, and welcome to Week 4 of coding!

@surangak and I are happy to see that for the most part all of your projects are proceeding nicely and on-track. There have been a few snags so far but they have been short-lived and we have been able to work around them. A few notes for this week:

Scrum early, scrum often

We’re really happy so many of you are taking advantage of our Daily IRC Scrum reports to update everyone on your progress. Keep in mind, that in order for the Scrum Master to remember to call on you during the meeting, you should report for updates every day. Otherwise, your name may be taken off the list and you might be missed! :slight_smile:

Commit early, commit often

Please don’t forget to commit code to GitHub regularly. We want to make sure you’re making regular progress on your coding so you don’t get stuck in last-minute panic mode!

Talk early, Talk often

Noticing a pattern here? :slight_smile:

You should sign in to OpenMRS Talk at every day to stay up-to-date on the current conversations about OpenMRS development. Doing so will help keep you informed about important changes to the project that could effect your project! And, as a bonus, you may be able to help others with their questions or ideas. There are lots of cool Talk badges to earn, and we hope to see your names on those lists soon!

GSoC blog examples

Finally, a few of you have asked us for examples of good GSoC blog posts. Here are a few random ones I pulled from the KDE project. Hopefully it will inspire you for some writing techniuqes and types of topics you can share on your blog. Remember, while sharing the work you accomplished is good, sharing the things you’ve learned is even better!

That’s all for this week. Please share any questions you have about the program here in the “GSoC” category. Keep up the good work!

Michael & Suranga