GSoC 2015: Week 2 Updates

Hi students! Congratulations on making it through the first week of GSoC 2015. Hopefully everyone got a good start at coding and has made some accomplishments this past week.

Here are a few quick announcements as we get started with Week 2.

  1. Commit code to GitHub every day. This helps your mentor(s) make sure you aren’t getting stuck! Committing code every day is a great way to log your progress that you can refer to in our daily IRC scrums and in your weekly blog posts.
  2. Remember your weekly feedback forms! This is the most important key to success and to help us ensure the program is successful & enjoyable for you. We had some people forget their feedback forms this past week, so be sure to set a reminder on your calendar to complete the form when it opens on Friday (UTC) – don’t wait until the last minute! If you miss 3 weekly forms, you’ll be automatically removed from the program.
  3. Make time to join our week-day IRC scrums and weekly developers forum. You’re key members of our development team, so we want to hear your input about OpenMRS and learn about the exciting work we’re doing. See the previous links to learn how to join the meetings.

That’s all for now. Make it a great week. We look forward to seeing you on IRC and here on OpenMRS Talk!