GSoC 2015: System Performance & Utilization Module Midterm Presentation

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to midterm presentation of system performance and utilization module. Before giving the details. Let me introduce me and my mentors.

I am Vineet Kumar, a Google summer of code 2015 student for OpenMRS. My Mentor is Pascal Brandt (@pascal) and my Backup Mentor is Jan Flowers (@janflowers) .

Now Lets talk about the project. Lets see what is the description given in wiki. Wiki says,

The system performance and utilization module provides information on system performance and utilization in order to monitor reliability and impact of the electronic medical record system installation.

In short it is kind of resource monitor for the OpenMRS application.

The kind of resources which we are considering is like CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Number of Logins, Form Filled, Disk Usage etc. There are lot of resources. Lets classify the information. Each resource can be monitor by their own control panel called as Indicators.

Indicators are classified as two type:-

  • System Indicator
  • Application Indicator

My Focus was mostly at System Indicator. There are bunch of things I have implemented for system indicators which are:-

  • CPU Usage
  • Disk Usage
  • Memory Usage Improvement
  • System Information
  • UI Fixes

After this my Future Targets involves Application Indicator Addition & Improvement Like :-

  • Number of Logged In User
  • Number of form Filled
  • Exporting of Data
  • More Statistics
  • UI & Bug Fixes

For More Information You can visit the following links. Wiki : Github: Blog:

Thanks all for watching this video. All suggestions are welcomed :smile:

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Great work and great presentation. BTW, thanks for featuring me twice in the intro :wink:


(Nitpicking) you may want to consider changing how the module name is displayed on the admin page. Its super long and runs multiple lines :wink:

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Very nice presentation Video @vineetv2821993 :smile:, thanks fo the good work welldone

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Hehe your welcome. If you closely, you are featured thrice :smiley:

Yeah I found too. I thought the same as you do. I will discuss about it with my mentor and the community later. I prefer “Resource Monitor Module”. - Any comment on this @pascal, @janflowers ?

Thanks bro :smile: . Looking for yours too :smile:

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Excellent video @vineetv2821993! Great work so far.


Great Work :slight_smile: If you go to Maintenance -> System Information there is also some information provided there, you may want to check it, to avoid duplicate information.


thanks @zakaria_amine I will look into that too :smile:

Great work and great presentation.

Really nice work so far and well done presentation! :smiley:

I agree the name is long, but I want to make sure we don’t modify the name to eliminate the description of monitoring how the application is being used (beyond just the system administration stuff). I think the word “Resource” makes me think of only system resources, not usage of the application. But I’m open to other ideas for the name. I can’t wait to be able to use this in our Mozambique implementations!