GSoC 2015: Open Web Apps Midterm Presentation

Hello Everyone,
Here is the mid term presentation of the GSoC project “Add Support for open web apps

If anything was not clearly/any suggestions in the video please feel free to leave a comment and we will try and get that sorted asap :slight_smile:

Thanks @n_nehete @sunbiz and other community members :slight_smile:


This looks great and will be extremely helpful!

A few questions: When you upload an webapp, what is the url to that webapp? How is this decided? Is it possible to assign a relative path within the UI which will be used by the webapp?

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Hi @jdick Thanks for your comments :slight_smile:

Answering your questions

  1. & 2) as spoken in video we have a manifest.webapp(a json) this file will have all the info about the owa and to be more specific the property (launch_path:“path to your main file” may be index.html) in manifest file will decide the url.we take this path and add lauchUrl: as per your localmachines settings(say localhost:8080/openmrs/owa/Foldername/yourpath).

3)No path settings are done my the module as you specify in manifest.webapp

Iif my answers were not clear/any other questions please feel free to get back we shall clarify them :slight_smile:

I like it. Well done!

Can you make available the example webapp you used in the demo? I’d like to better understand how you scaffold this. I saw the documentation on mozilla for the manifest file but i’m still unclear how you add to the package the actual javascript code that’s required.

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Hi @jdick Sure all you have to do is 1)clone the designer1 branch of Polymerdesinger 2)Copy content of this and save as manifest.webapp and as it in same folder of polymer designer This is what i have zipped and uploaded in the demo :slight_smile: