GSOC 2015: OAuth2 Support for Web Services APIs Midterm Presentation

Here is my GSoC 2015 Mid-Term presentation for the project “Implement the OAuth2 Support for Web Services APIs”.

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Here are the links I’ve mentioned at the end. Github : Design Forum presentation : Project Wiki Page : Slides : OAuth2 prezi (UI mockups and use cases) :

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Good Job! I think Spring Security is good option. are you planning on integrating OAuth with the Rest Module ?

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Hi @zakaria_amine

Thanks for viewing the presentation :smiley:

If by integration you refer to the modules working together to heed to incoming REST calls, then yes we do plan to integrate them :slight_smile:

The OAuth2 module will be validating the tokens that would accompany the requests made to the REST module. So from the perspective of the REST module, it only needs the OAuth2 module for token validation.

This picture gives a clearer look of the interaction :


@Good work @maany. As we discussed offline let’s finalize how we going to integrate spring security with our oauth module to extend it further with the new features coming in. :smile:

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Thanks @harsha89 I am exploring the available options for implementing OAuth2. We should be able to finalize our approach this week :slight_smile: I’ll try to create a demo for the API’s that are successfully integrated.