GSoC 2015: Legacy UI Midterm Presentation

Hey everyone :sunglasses:

This is the midterm presentation for the project to maintain the legacy UI.

Thanks @burke for being such an encouraging mentor. Thanks much @wyclif and dev/5’s for bearing with my queries.

Anything in the video that doesn’t seem right or looks vague as of now, kindly comment so I can correct it immediately :smiley:


Good work Tharunya! It would have been nice to include in the presentation a demo of one of the features you have moved to the module to show that things are working

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Hey @wyclif

Thank you for watching :smile:

As there isn’t a complete set of functions that are fully functional, I haven’t included it in the demo. Instead, Burke suggested to show the legacy UI on the demo server just to make aware of what the migration is for.

However, I will keep your suggestion in mind and include the demonstration of the whole working of the module for the final presentation :smiley: