GSoC 2015: Laboratory Data Exchange with FHIR Midterm Presentation

Welcome to mid term presentation of Laboratory Data Exchange with FHIR.

Thank you very much @surangak @harsha89 @judy for your support!.

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Please add any suggestions or questions as a comment below :grinning: .


Great progress @Milan.

I saw you are not returning the created diagnostic report Id with the response. Please send it via OperationOutcome as client want’s to know the Id of the created report when it going to retrieve it.


Hi @milan, cool to see this!

A couple of comments:

  1. You mentioned that future work includes “write test cases”. I strongly recommend you follow TDD practices on this project. This is a perfect example of somewhere that you have a very well-defined behavior you want to see (e.g. “this FHIR message can be ingested”) and you should write a JUnit test around this from day 1.

  2. Instead of pointing to concepts via global properties (e.g. “”) I suggest that you refer to these via reference-term-mappings. E.g. via the FHIR module we should define a concept reference source named “openmrs.fhir” and a reference term in it called “diagnostic report name”, and the job of the implementer is to add this mapping to a concept of theirs. Further, you would ask Andy to create this concept once in the CIEL dictionary, so that many OpenMRS implementations can get this purely because they install the CIEL dictionary, and they don’t need to configure anything themselves.)

Keep up the good work!

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Thank you @darius :slight_smile: regarding point #2, can you please point us to some code that follows this approach? I believe it’ll be easier for us to follow and understand what you meant…