GSoC 2015: iOS Client Extensions Midterm Project

Hello OpenMRS this is my midterm presentation for GSOC 2015 for project OpenMRS iOS client extensions the goal for this project to make openmrs functionality on the iOS-client


  • View current active visits.
  • Better patient
  • view Edit patients information from the app.
  • View offline saved patients.
  • Implement synchronisation technique between offline saved data and their corresponding profiles on the server.
  • Add support for other languages.
  • Add support for state restoration.
  • Add support for dynamic type.
  • Implementing SplitView for search
  • Applying some iPad specific views

Project Page: Waiting for your feedback. Github Repo: Slides:



I’m seeing “this video is private” :slight_smile:


Fixed, sorry about that.

Finally got around to watching this. Very well done!

Welldone @yousefhamza, keep it up the good work!