GSoC 2014: Week 7 Update

Greetings everyone. We’ve made it through mid-term evaluations! Thanks to everyone for submitting your evaluations promptly. While we did lose one student project at mid-term, I’m happy to say that all others are doing an excellent job in working with the community on your projects. Keep up the good work!

Here are a few notes for this week:

  1. Discuss your midterm evaluations with your mentor:
  • What have you been doing well? What can you do better?
  • What can you learn from the midterm presentations from other students’ projects?
  • Make sure you have a sufficient amount of tasks for the rest of the program to end up with a useful, working project at the end.
  • Be sure to allow time for creating tests and documentation at the end of the summer.
  1. Continue submitting your status reports and blog posts each week. In your weekly blog post, include something interesting you’ve learned about working in an open source project, or describe a way you’ve interacted with others in the project that week.
  2. Be sure to commit your latest code changes daily at minimum. This allows us to make sure your project is on track, and is also helpful in case of any technology (hardware) failures!
  3. Join our IRC daily scrum to share your work and any blockers you have that others might be able to help with.
  4. Be on the look out for ways you can help others in the community. Some ideas: Answer questions on mailing lists, Ask OpenMRS, or OpenMRS Talk. You can also hang out in IRC to help answer questions that visitors might have.

Have a great week, and a great start to the second half of GSoC 2014!

@michael & @surangak