GSoC 2014: Update for Week 5

Howdy, y’all! This is Week 5 of GSoC 2014. Wow, how time flies! :clock530:

Midterm evaluations begin next Monday 23 June at 19:00 UTC and run through 19:00 UTC on Friday 27 June. Students, when you next communicate with your mentors, please remind them to enter their evaluations at the beginning of the week.

Students, you must have an evaluation submitted both by you for yourself and by your mentor, and have received a passing evaluation from your mentor(s), in order to receive your midterm payments.

  1. As a reminder, you must have prepared and uploaded a video presentation no later than 23 June 19:00 UTC describing your project’s current state. See last week’s update for details about its requirements and how to embed that video presentation as a new topic here on OpenMRS Talk.
  2. We had a 100% week with everyone submitting their blog posts and status reports. Thank you!
  3. We haven’t seen many of you in IRC for our daily scrum updates, and that makes us sad. Please join us. If you aren’t able to attend the IRC scrum, please send me a private message via e-mail or here on Talk and let me know why it’s not convenient for you. We want as many developers as possible sharing their work, and your feedback is very helpful!
  4. Have you remembered to interact with others in the community every week to help with questions, problems, or ideas? If not, please remember to do so. Being an “open source hero” is not about how hard you work by yourself, but rather about how well you communicate, ask for help, and help others!
  5. Finally, as you post your video/presentation here on Talk, be sure you’re “Watching” the topic so you get e-mail notifications about replies. Try your best to respond to questions or comments as quickly as you can. You can even make follow-up videos to demonstrate things if it’s helpful!

Have a great week. Both @surangak and I look forward to seeing outstanding reviews from both you and your mentors next week!

Congratulations to @sara for being first to post her midterm presentation. (No, there are no bonus points for being first!) :smile:

As a reminder, you should embed your YouTube presentation in the first post. To embed the video, simply get the YouTube URL and place it in a paragraph by itself in your post. For example, if I paste in the next paragraph, it will be converted like this:

:thumbsup: After you’ve done that, be sure to add (in text) a sentence or two about your project, provide a link to your project page on the OpenMRS Wiki, and please add a few bullet points about what your video discusses and what questions you have for viewers. For example, do you have open design issues still? Are there specific areas of what you’re building that you’d like to get feedback on? Add a few “guiding questions” to help start discussion.

Good luck!