GSoC 2014 student blog URLs

All accepted GSoC 2014 students are required to post at least one blog entry each week during GSoC. Start now so you get in the habit of writing a post every week!

You don’t have to create a new blog for GSoC; it’s OK to use an existing one. You can use any traditional blog service that you wish, or you can host your own. I strongly encourage you to create a category or tag for your OpenMRS posts. Just make sure it has an RSS feed available that can be show your OpenMRS/GSoC posts.

Some free-of-charge ideas for blogging platforms, if you don’t have one yet:

  • Wordpress (open source/PHP, self-hosted or hosted)
  • Ghost (open source/Node.js, self-hosted or hosted)
  • Blogger (proprietary/hosted)
  • Jekyll (open source/Ruby, self-hosted or GitHub hosted)
  • Hexo (open source/Node.js, self-hosted or GitHub hosted)

Please reply to this thread with your blog URL. This task is due by the end of 30 April 2014.


Here is my blog entry for Atlas Module project mentoring by Burke and Eliott : [][1]

Ready to contribute, and proud to be accepted as GSoC student by OpenMRS :blush:

Alexis [1]:

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My blog is at: [][1]

Cheers ! Kesha [1]:

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please find my blog for the operation theater module at:

Cheers! Lukas

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My blog url is

GSoC Project: System Performance and Utilization Module

Thanks! Milinda

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Hi, all!

Here is my blog

It’s newly built for testing&studying, so this may be changed in the futrue. Including the domain, perhaps


My new blog url

New post will go here.

Cheers! Cheung


My blog is at

Thanks!!! Aniketha

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My blog at

Thanks!! Vaibhav Agarwal

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My blog is at

Thanks Ujjwal

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Hi Everyone,

My blog about my data quality module is here:




This is my blog URL:

Thanks! Sara


Hi dear reader: Here is my blog url; that’s where i will maintain atleast one blog entry each week during GSoC 2014

Regards k-joseph

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Hi, My blog URL is

Shubham Rai

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Last but not the least :wink:

Here is my blog information guys

Project Name: OpenMRS Module for ETL/Predictive Modeling across Multiple Platform (DW)

Mentor: Gaurav Paliwal

Blog URL:

Project URL:

With Regards,

Vineet Kumar

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FYI … if you’d like to follow all our GSoC student blogs, one easy way to do so is at the OpenMRS Planet:

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