GSoC 2014: Mid-term Week 6!

Congratulations, we’ve made it to GSOC 2014 mid-term week! :trophy:

  1. Thank you to everyone for uploading your mid-term presentations. They’ve already gotten hundreds of views and the comments are starting to come in. Please remember to watch OpenMRS Talk so you can respond promptly to questions or comments.
  2. Congratulations on another perfect week submitting blog posts and status reports. Keep up the good work!
  3. Don’t forget to continue to be good open source citizens. Remember to:
  • Commit your code changes to a public repository daily or more frequently.
  • Spend time in IRC asking questions and (when you are able!) helping to answer questions of others. Report your progress in the week-day IRC scrum meeting.
  • Watch mailing lists and other resources for questions that you may have an answer for, or use them to ask your own questions.
  1. If you haven’t done it recently, make time with your mentor this week to re-assess your project plan and make adjustments to your timetable as necessary.
  2. And finally, last and most importantly, submit your midterm evaluations! Both students AND mentors are required to submit evaluations by Wednesday of this week.

Students, go here to do your evaluation:

Mentors, go here to do your evaluation:

That’s all for now! I know there is a lot happening this week, so try extra hard not to forget any of the deadlines. If you haven’t submitted your evaluation on Wednesday, @surangak and I will come looking for you. :wink:

Have a great week!