GSoC 2014: End-of-summer presentations

Hi students!

As we approach the end of coding, you should start thinking about your end-of-summer video presentations, which (like mid-term presentations) should be posted here on OpenMRS Talk no later than Tuesday 12 August 2014.

These should be approximately the same length as your mid-term presentations, but the content should focus on:

  • Overall accomplishments during the summer: Did you meet your project plan’s goals? Did you exceed them? What didn’t go as planned?
  • Next steps for the project: What will you (and others) work on next for the project to improve it? What parts of your project aren’t finished yet? What parts of the project need ideas from others? Specifically name these opportunities.
  • What you learned this summer: Discuss both technical skills and people/project skills that you learned during the course of GSoC 2014.

As a reminder, here are the final key dates for the program:

  • 11 August 19:00 UTC: No more coding. Work on any remaining tests, cleaning up code, writing any necessary documentation, etc.
  • 12 August 19:00 UTC: Deadline to publish your presentations on OpenMRS Talk. As with mid-terms, be ready to respond to questions or comments.
  • 18 August 19:00 UTC: Evaluations begin. You should (temporarily) freeze work on your project at this time so your mentor can begin to evaluate your final progress.
  • 22 August 19:00 UTC: Evaluation results are announced and Google payment processing begins. Students should submit code samples to Google at this time.

As with mid-term presentations, post your presentations on YouTube and embed the video in a new topic here on OpenMRS Talk. Include some supporting text to describe your presentation’s content, and any questions or reference links for viewers.

Please discuss ideas for your final video presentation with your mentor, or if you have general questions about the presentation, ask them here.

Best wishes for the last few weeks of GSoC 2014! :trophy:


Hi everyone!

:arrow_right: Just a reminder that today is the last day to do coding work on your GSoC project “for credit”.

If you would like to continue working on the project after GSoC, you will need to wait until after 22 August and the results are announced. :slight_smile:

:arrow_right: Also, a reminder that your project presentations must be submitted tomorrow 12 August no later than 19:00 UTC.

:star: This week, you should be working on any final tests that need to be written, cleaning up your code, and writing any documentation needed for others to understand your work. Your evaluation will be based on all of these things, too. :smile:

Have a great “final” week of GSoC 2014!

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