GSCoC 2018 / 'Attachments enhancements'

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(ridmal liyanagamage) #101

I update the PR. I sort the expectedAttachments using getDateTime() in every methods i mentioned above. :slight_smile:

(ridmal liyanagamage) #102

@mksd ,

Did you review the latest PR?. :slight_smile: What is our next step ?

(Dimitri R) #103

Ok first of all I added a final little commit and merged all the current work here:

  • (fb128fe) ATT-24: Foundation of the Java API.

We need to move onto finalising the REST API. I need to give it some thoughts, we should catchup on Monday or Tuesday about it.

(ridmal liyanagamage) #104

Ok @mksd ,

Until then is there anything i need to do or look ?

(ridmal liyanagamage) #105

Hi @mksd ,

Is there any task i need to do ?

(Dimitri R) #106

Connect to IRC! We’ll setup a call then.

(Dimitri R) #107

@ridmal are you ok with ATT-24?

(Dimitri R) #108

4 posts were split to a new topic: Attachments: REST end point for file upload should allow to specify encounter (ATT-27)

(ridmal liyanagamage) #109

I updated the PR on Friday by changing the all occurrence of includeRetired to includeVoided. :slight_smile:

(Dimitri R) #110

Merged, we can move on to the next task! A new AttachmentResourceTest that is not context sensitive.

(Dimitri R) #111

A post was merged into an existing topic: AttachmentsService ahead of REST API work (ATT-24)