Growth chart: stop displaying observation when out of age range

Hi Bahmni community!

As a patient gets older, his/her weight (or height) recorded will continue displaying in the growth chart, even if no reference data is provided for this age. Slowly this will extend the x axis range and make the past data difficult. Unless user takes the time to zoom in/out and scroll.


On paper charts the growth chart are limited for a given age range.

What do you guys think of adding a configuration option to say: “do not graph observation if it is out of the reference data range”.

(@angshuonline) (cc: @zouchine)


Did you ever get anyone to respond to this feature request? I think it would be a great feature.

Also perhaps to add some logic if the graph should be displayed at all based on patient age, or data recorded vs age.

Hi @soddoadam,

nope. And I did not find the time to do it myself. Should be fairly easy to add though.

I’m only an implementer, I’m tweaking some things here and there, but not digging into code. Let me know if you do implement this. I had an idea, that you could have a pediatric observation form that records pediatric growth for the first 3 years of life and then after that use a different form. Chart the obs from the first form and not the second form.

Sure will.

Awesome, which company are you working for/with?

I am a volunteer for a hospital in Ethioipa. I’m looking to upgrade our old OpenMRS server to something with more functionality. I’m slowly getting an install of 0.92 configured for our docs to test. If they like what they see we will try to roll it out and train.

OK cool! :+1: