Grouping reports in different tabs in Bahmni.

Hello Bahmni team, @darius,

I was wondering if you have or might have thought about building a configurable feature for the reports tabs. Or if you already have this feature built. The report tabs would make is easier for implementers to groups reports into different categories instead of having one long list of reports in one tab.

Currently for endTB, we have lots of reports and we plan to have more. This makes the report tab long and it can be confusing for users. We think grouping these reports into different categories and each category having its own tab would be helpful. Do you have this feature already developed? If not how much effort do you think it would to build such a feature?

The tabs would for example look like below:

| Unitaid Reports | Lab reports | Study reports | non endTB reports |

I’ve thought about maybe trying to introduce another app for reports_v2 on the bahmni home page but I think that would be confusing for the users. The best feature would be to have tabs in the reports app.

Any help on this is highly appreciated.



@jmbabazi it would make a lot of sense to support grouping the reports. I wonder if having tabs works better, or if it would be better to have them be groups (fieldsets?) on a single screen?

Thank you @darius, I think having them as fieldsets is a great idea as long as we can expand and collapse the fieldsets so that the users can control how much they see.

Happy Holidays, James