Great News!!! Guide for the New and Curious.

Hi everyone, The Guide for the New and Curious is complete. This is one of our current GSOD 2021 projects.

This guide helps anyone get started with OpenMRS and find the desired project team or squad that they may want to join and contribute to. It clearly addresses the answers to the challenge that was posed in the Flight Paths: Improving the full OpenMRS Onboarding Experience.

The Get Started as a Developer - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki, on-boards people to OpenMRS, but the Guide for the New and Curious 2.0 - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki goes an extra mile of not only on-boarding people to OpenMRS but also on-boarding them to a particular squad or team, allowing them to take flight with the right squad/team - and from there, grow their reputation and become a valued member of the community.

On behalf of the documentation team, i wish to roll it out to the community as the best guide for now that can help to onboard the newbies and even the old community members who have been stuck for a long time, and desiring to follow the right flight path with minimal challenges. For those who may ask, “What about the Getting started as a developer guide?” My humble answer is, “it is embedded in there.”

So, on behalf of the community, i wish to extend my thanks for the hard work of @bstuder99, closely mentored by @jennifer, and the entire documentation team(@kaylinbracey @christine @dkayiwa and many more for your support and input.

cc. @devNull @dev1 @dev2 @dev3 @dev4 @dev5


Great jobs guys! I love how it looks like and leads through steps of interacting with the community and OpenMRS. :clap:

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Great job to everyone involved. @gracebish be blessed for leading the squad :partying_face:

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Thanks for this update, @gracebish! In case you’re wondering exactly how the Guide for the New and Curious fits in with our website’s Get Involved page as well as existing (and forthcoming) Getting Started Guides, here is a little visual:


This is fantastic news! Previously, I had a difficult time introducing new contributors to the community. Thanks, @bstuder99 and @jennifer for your good work! This will undoubtedly be very beneficial.

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Great work @gracebish

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@gracebish Maybe we should update links also in this one? image It’s the main page of the wiki and first box on that page

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Great idea, @zuzanna! If you have edit access to the Wiki, please feel free to go ahead and update the link.

Unfortunately, I don’t have edit access to the wiki :frowning: or I don’t know where I should find such an option

@zuzanna You already have permission to access/edit the wiki. Click on the wiki page and do what you desire to do.


Thanks @jwnasambu. It helps for other pages but not the wiki home page, only confluence administrator and @dkayiwa has access to edit it.

The pic is in Polish, but to see that I clicked on that padlock in the left top

@zuzanna can you try again?

Yeeey, it’s working. Thank you, @dkayiwa

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thanks good documentation. i noticed you have a QA support team. what are the requirements needed to join such an interesting group

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Thank you @kmuwanga. You are free to start here. You are welcome to the weekly calls every Tuesday at: 9:30pm IST | 7pm Nairobi | 6pm Cape Town | 4pm UTC | 12pm Boston | 9am Seattle

Where: Launch Meeting - Zoom

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