Grand ideas for design, implementation or expansion of OpenMRS

Drawing attention the topic discussion about OpenMRS project ideas: Help us brainstorm OpenMRS project ideas

I wondered if we could expand the brainstorming to include Grand Ideas that might not only take advantage of the funding support we already have, but also be the driver for even longer and larger funding of OpenMRS.

We have a tremendous opportunity to do good in the world. What would you do with an empowered OpenMRS if we had the resources?

Are you willing to be a leader in bringing this idea to conclusion? Would you be willing to commit your own time and resources if there were others doing the same, including funders?

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I would love to see and participate in some coordinate evaluations of OpenMRS – i.e., we know that we’re writing code… let’s publish some research on whether or not we are actually saving lives. :slight_smile:

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