Got an unexpected red build in Bamboo? Let me know


I did recreate 3 new Bamboo agents: yue, yokobue and yak. They are completely new machines created on the new datacenter, so you can expect some differences. Two of the old agents are still connected, and they will be there for another week.

If you have a very suspicious red build which appears to be caused due to infrastructure change, let me know.

I did see that transifex is not working anymore, I will take a look and try to fix it soon.

I also configured Bamboo to send build artefacts to AWS S3 instead of the server, which should simplify our backups and save us some money (as we won’t have multiple copies of the same artefacts for each backup…). I do not expect any problems here, but let me know if there’s something weird.

Addons build is red, but I tried with a legacy agent and locally and the problem still exist. So maybe it’s one of the dependencies?

cc @reubenv

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Node and transifex are working again.

Thanks for the heads up! I’ll check it out. Mostly, it’s because some dependency must’ve updated itself to the latest version which no longer contains certain API’s used by our app.

@cintiadr It turns out that these build failures were probably because we do not have the latest npm version on our servers while performing the build. The reason I feel this is the issue is because even travis builds were failing and they were fixed with this commit .

So, I was wondering if maybe we could upgrade the npm version on Bamboo as well?

I suppose I can do that.

Node is 6 (that’s what we already had before), latest update. I will check npm.

You were right, @reubenv, getting npm 5.5.1 to the agents got us a green build. (I didn’t upgrade the legacy ones).

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@cintiadr is this related?

It certainly is. But whatever that build is doing, it should not be doing anymore. I disabled it, and I will try to understand how that build was supposed to work.

Thanks @cintiadr, you’re awesome! :smile: