Google Summer of Code 2020

Greetings for the day, I am Kush Aggarwal this side and would like to be a part of and contribute to OpenMRS projects. I am proficient with Javascript and have a good knowledge of NodeJS and ReactJS, therefore would like to go for UI for Common Lab module idea in the idea list . So, can you please guide me as if how can I proceed for the same and be a part of this community Thank you

cc @mozzy @suthagar23

Hello everyone I have gone through the projects for GSoC 2020 and I have experience in spring boot and hibernate I would love to work to changing xml mapping to hibernate annotations can I get a brief overview about this project and discuss some details. @ruhanga


I’m primarily interested in the ‘Supporting Clinical Decision Support using CDS Hooks’ project since it aligns well with my passions and experience. Is there anything aside from the normal prerequisites you would like me to go over @danfuterman ?


Thanks @anshulbhardwaj, @kushaggarwal, @anishraju and all GSoC aspirants for showing interest and being proactive already in the GSoC 2020 program with OpenMRS. Please go through the student expectations before, during and after the program. Feel free to ping any one in the community for help. Cheers and wish you success. :slight_smile:


Hello, I am Akshobhya Pal an undergraduate pursuing B.Tech from NIT Uttarakhand. I am a GSoC 2020 aspirant primarily working on android projects in JAVA and Kotlin.I will be contributing to the Android Client project of OpenMRS.

Welcome @akshobhya to OpenMRS community you can find the android client repository here you can find all the open issues here initially you can try issues labeled as low complexity. Before creating a PR please go through this. All the best.

Greeting everyone, I will love to state my interest on the project UI for Common lab module for this year GSoC 2020. I was working on this project last year but had issues at the level of my family so I could not go through with the project but have been working on it. Will love to complete what I started.

cc: @tahira, @mozzy

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Hello, I am pahonsi bebeto Achile an undergraduate pursuing B.Eng from University of buea. I am a GSoC 2020 aspirant with experience in spring boot , jsp and hibernate Cc @ruhanga @mozzy

Hi @achilep, welcome to the community. You can try and look at the warmup practices and try issues labelled as intro.

Thank you @varung31

hello everyone, sanjeev this side. i’m student of 1st year(B.Tech NSIT) from india, i wanna contribute in openMRS open Source in android projects and i’ve decent knowledge of GitHub,Android Studio, JAVA and last one Kotlin. could anyone tell me, who else want works on android :slight_smile:

You can find or create issues on and start contributing to the project.

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thanks bro

Hello. My name is Kang Breder from University of Buea. I have been in the community for a while. I am comfortable with Java and recently started learning Spring. I have been in the community for a while and will like to take part as a student in GSoC 2020. I have taken a look at the project ideas and i have been looking at the project “Improve FHIR Search” to be interesting. I am ready to learn other requirements needed for this project. Please i will need some guide and more details on this project. @ibacher

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@kangbreder Thanks for your interest in that project. Pretty much everything I’m thinking of is documented on the page (though I’ve updated it just now to reflect our current needs). The scope of it is pretty flexible, but my intention is to implement everything described in the Objectives section and as much of the Extra Credit as can reasonably be accommodated. To get started in FHIR specifically, I recommend thoroughly familiarizing yourself with the module source code and possibly grabbing some of our open tickets (more of those are always on the way).

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@ibacher Thank you for your response to my inquiry. I am currently going through the resources on FHIR listed on the page and familiarizing myself with hibernate . When i complete that, i will pick up some open tickets.