Google showing very few Bahmni Confluence Wiki results

Hello All

Just wanted to let the community know that for some unknown reason, Bahmni WIKI pages are not showing up as often in Google Search results, as they used to earlier. DuckDuckGo on the other hand does seem to show much better results. I have raised a query with Atlassian, since we use the Cloud instance of Confluence. Maybe some recent settings have changed, which resulted in Bahmni wiki not being indexed.

So, for those who are searching for Bahmni documentation, esp on wiki, if you don’t get good results on Google, please try DuckDuckGo, or just search directly on Bahmni WIKI

See Google Results for “Security Guide Bahmni”: Security guide bahmni - Google Search

See DuckDuckGo results for same (MUCH BETTER!):

Or search directly on Bahmni Wiki here: Security Guide Search on WIKI

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