Google Retires GCI program

After a decade of google’s GCI,today it retires the GCI program so as to focus their efforts on Google Summer of Code and programs like Season of Docs for the next decade.This came in from google’s program coordinator,Stephanie Taylor.


Thanks for updates @herbert24 Oooh that not good news is there any official link for more updates about this retirement

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it only came in as an email

We met some amazing students through Code-In. I can’t recall all their names, but I specially remember @navareth, @tomekdo3, @sjindal2000 and @jyothsna18.

A little sad that the program is over. But I guess interested teenagers will still join OSS projects :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear this. We had a lot of fun & productivity with GCI. Thanks to all the students & mentors who participated in OpenMRS GCI over the years!