Google Code-in Starts in a less than 3 hours

The hour has come :slight_smile:

Google code starts at 18H my time, that’s about 2 hours from now.

Program updates

  • We currently have 75 tasks published and 4 in draft mode and over 25 on jira that can be added during the program. Tasks can be created through out the program. Ping me if you have new tasks that need to be added to the dashboard.

  • We have 19 qualified mentors on the team to mentor students. These are past GSoC students/mentors and past GCI finalists/winners

  • Our mentors are available across multiple timezones so I expect responses within 36 hours (preferably 24).

  • Our tasks cut across all categories

  • We have a bot that listens to events on GCI tasks and post them to a telegram channel accessible only to mentors and admins so they can have real time notifications, when students claim/abandon/comment/submit tasks.

What is expected of mentors

  • Try to review tasks within 24 hours but max 36 hours

  • Respond to questions on IRC/Telegram/Talk

  • Take note of students doing great work and students finding difficulties and abandoning tasks.

  • Bring to attention exceptional students and also students having problems making progress

  • Communicate your availability early. If for some reason you’ll be unavailable to answer questions/review tasks let me know early.

  • Give constructive feedback

  • Be polite and gentle, we’ll be dealing with kids after all. Don’t scare them away.

  • Make sure no student is harassing or making other students uncomfortable(and be gentle when handling such students too)

  • Report suspicions of plagiarism to your admins.

You should look at if you haven’t already to know what is expected of you.

Choosing winners

  • Winners are chosen from the top 10 finalist but from anywhere in the list. That is even a student that is number 10 can still be selected as grand prize winner. We will not select winners based on number of tasks completed but on the quality of work they did. Tasks numbers only count in getting you to top 10. Once in top 10 then a winner can be selected from anywhere in the list.

  • We will also consider community involvement (helping other students on irc/telegram, answering questions on talk, etc)

  • If you are not active during GCI then you will not be allowed to vote.


For some reason GCI participants are unable to signup on talk, and hence do not have access to JIRA. We have advised them to create help desk tickets, but this process will take a longer period of time. Coding tasks with single instances and not claimed on JIRA aren’t being approved from our side as of now. Could someone look into this … @dkayiwa

Am attending to OpenMRS ID creation problems with a higher priority than usual because of the GCI students. Those that fail, even after attempting multiple times, i create ids for them. I try to keep the requests queue empty at most times. :slight_smile:


Thanks @dkayiwa, You and all those helping out in the help desk are the best :smile:

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