Google Code-In 2017 is ON!

Will OpenMRS be applying? What’s the plan for that?


Oh definitely yes! Thanks for bringing this up. :slight_smile: So @ivange94, would you like to take the lead as our GCI admin? Just like we have just had @k.joseph and @harsha89 as our GSOC admins?


With pleasure. Though I may not be able to mentor this year at OpenMRS but I’m pretty sure I can fill in the admin role.

@ivange94 Admin Role is more intensive with GCI…

Thanks Robby. I get that. But my decision was not based on which one is lighter. I just want to get the experience of running a program like GCI or GSoC. My project is actively developed at LibreHealth so coming up with task for GCI at OpenMRS will not be very fun since I’ll probably create just about 2 to 3 tasks with little or no coding task. I would rather mentor at LibreHealth instead since I already have a lot of ideas on what I can make tasks out of. So that’s why I preferred been an admin here instead. I believe that’s allowed in the program. Also since no one mentioned it at OpenMRS since the program was launched, I wanted to make sure someone at least takes the lead so we don’t start late again like last year. I remember Shreyans had to push hard for it to happen successfully last year.

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Ah fair enough.

Thanks for taking the lead @ivange94. I’m pretty sure quite a few 2017 GSOC’ers would love to mentor in GCI, myself included. :smiley:

@ivange94 any link that i direct to my bros and sisters at High school who may need to join GCI

@tendomart I’ll be back with that shortly. I crashed my mac and I’ve been trying to reinstall since last night.

@jtatia I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it. I did last year.

@ivange94 your willingness to learn and try new challenges is so awesome! It will take you to even greater heights! :slight_smile: Am sure we are going to have an exciting GCI season with your leadership. Keep it up man!!! :smile:

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Thanks. That’s very encouraging :blush:

@ivange94, do you have what you need to submit a proposal for OpenMRS to join GCI 2017?

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@burke @ivange94 @dkayiwa @surangak Would love to fill in the role as co-admin for this year, if that’s possible! It was a great experience mentoring the students last year and even meeting them IRL at the Code-in summit. Like Ivange said, I too would like to take part and administer a program such as GCI which has had a great role in bringing in young, enthusiastic talent :slight_smile:


I believe so. I have seen the application for 2015 and will go through it and modify. For the meantime I’ve been aquatinting myself with articles about how to administer GCI.

This would be awesome. Having someone like you on the admin team will be great considering we already have a lot of working experience together and both have a lot passion for mentoring and trying out new challenges. But we’ll need @surangak to confirm this though. As I assumed I will be co-admin under him as admin. I don’t know why I had that assumption but I did and has been with me since. Maybe he can clarify this.

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@ivange94 go ahead and do the thing with @bholagabbar :smile: Our culture in the OpenMRS community is to give an opportunity to young talents like you, to take on and lead. Therefore, am speaking on behalf of @surangak, that he is more than happy to completely step aside and let both of you take on the mantle!


Sounds great.