Google Apps Provisioning API obsolete on 2015-04-20


Warning: The deprecation period for the Google Apps Provisioning API is nearly at an end. On April 20, 2015, we will discontinue service for this API. This means that service calls to the API are no longer supported, and features implemented using this API will not function after April 20, 2015. You must migrate to the Admin SDK Directory API as soon as possible to avoid disruptions to your application.

When the provisioning API turns off, the functionality at will break.

We need to either

  • Let the API go obsolete and uninstall the dashboard-groups module (since we are encouraging usage of OpenMRS Talk, and since there are other ways to subscribe to mailing lists)
  • Re-implement the dashboard-groups so that it uses the Directory API
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As of the 10th we will have no more groups on Google Groups so this is a non - issue. :wink:

Would removing the google groups functionality entirely be a good action?

We can at least disable it (or remove the link) for now. It’s effectively disabled by removing all the groups selected in the admin tool.

I’ll add that to my TODO list

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Let’s not disable it out of the UI before people have a chance to unsubscribe or do any last things on the 10th when the dev@ transition happens.

I won’t be able to do it now anyways right now. So people will have the chance to unsubscribe :slight_smile:

Also OT: Look at my name!

I tried to look at it but couldn’t read anything.

@michael, sounds good! If we just remove the ‘openmrs-contrib-id-groups’ line from conf.js and delete the relevant directory in app/user-modules it’ll be gone altogether. We could hide all the groups but I think that would keep an empty “Mailing Lists” page visible to users which would be a bit awkward.

I have no plans on merging that code from GCI. Not any offense to the students, just seems silly to merge it only to axe it. However, Has the API for provisioning the google apps email accounts the same? Do we need to update that code?

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We don’t use the API for provisioning Apps accounts … only used it for group management.

May I ask how we provision Google Apps accounts?

We type the data into the web UI.

It has to be possible to automate that into ID Dashboard…

Hardly worth it since its only a few accounts each year.