Google AI for Social Impact Challenge

Dear all,

We’ve come across this grant by Google: AI for Social Good. This could be relevant to submit proposals for ideas to build AI on top of Bahmni or other relevant ideas. The due date for submission is Jan 22, 2019. Here’s the link to the application questions.

The good thing is that the IP of the project or idea will not be confidential, but will be available to the public as per the policy of this grant.

CC: @angshuonline @darius @mksd @vmalini @rdeolal

Thanks @jinal. I don’t know that this should be limited to Bahmni. Any AI would certainly apply to the data recorded on the backend, hence in the OpenMRS database.

Yes, agreed @mksd . The community is free to propose ideas for Bahmni, OpenMRS or any other solution they are passionate about.