Good Interwebs Space For Document Collaboration

Looking to build a few documents to help build a way for PM’s, BA’s and the like to engage better with the community. Similar to the Developer Guide, more specifically the Getting started as a Developer but as I’m just drafting this and just now getting a few individuals on board to discuss it. I need a good place to put drafts up and iterate on it asychonously. Would there be a place on the OpenMRS wiki for this or do I need to use google drive and just share with the specific individuals I want to help out with it?

Why not use floss manuals???

I think a space on the wiki would be best, since then anyone with an OpenMRS ID could contribute. Drive is a bit more closed. I’ve also been enjoying recently. It’s publicly viable, and you can invite contributors to edit.

Thanks Pascal, I’ll look into this as well.