Glossary for Bahmi and health care in general

Did you already consider to create a glossary page in the Bahmni wiki? For me as novice in the field of health care this would be helpful.

In particular I had some issues understanding the exact meaning of ODP and IDP.

I think these two glossaries created by OpenMRS should help:

The training material also addresses this, so once that is out, hopefully the need for novices to understand Health Care domain will also be met.

But, I guess, a glossary will be helpful – even for people trying to do translations for Bahmni.

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PACS: Picture Archiving and Communication System

A computer system for the processing, management and archiving of images and data from medical devices, e.g. X-ray apparatus or MRT. (Read more)

There is an interesting glossary add-on for Confluence. It supports looking up and adding new terms via a highlight panel. They offer a free license for open source projects.

The reviews are controversial but it might be worth an evaluation.

TB drugs : Medicine for the treatment of tuberculosis